The Man Behind The Curtain

Joshua Cheney
Owner, Developer, CSR, Friend, and Magician

Hello! My name is Joshua and welcome to Cascadia. This is where I put my pride and joy into a variety of projects, sites, conversions, and so much more in order to help make other’s lives easier. I founded Cascadia in 2012 and it’s been a blast ever since! How can I help you make technology easier to use today?

To show my commitment to your security and privacy, the entire Cascadia website along with any other Cascadia service sites, are setup with a SSL certificate.

This means that everything you visit and do on Cascadia’s websites isn’t visible to hackers and your information you enter is secure, private, and encrypted.

Do the other IT support and website design companies do that for you?


What is Cascadia

Here’s some fun facts about Cascadia:

Founded in 2012. The same year PSY’s viral Gangnam Style was released.
We have clients in Oregon, California, Texas, North Carolina, and internationally.
Joshua has a perfectly healthy addiction to Frappuccinos™ from Starbucks.

Performance, Baby!

Customer Satisfaction 98%
On-Time Project Completion 96%
Caffeine 100%