Bahama Night – Dance Away

It’s whether you’re putting on you Gangnam Style groove on the dance floor, trying your luck with the spin of a roulette wheel or eating some of the most delicious dishes from the Caribbean it’s possible to have it all by taking a vacation within the Bahamas. If this sounds like a fantastic option to unwind before next year’s holiday, you can search for low-cost vacations to the Caribbean through Holiday Hypermarket.

When it comes to trying for luck at the various entertainment areas there are four large establishments to pick from. In Providence Island, hit the Atlantis at the (aptly named) Paradise Island, or the Crystal Palace at Cable Beach. Or, if you’re in Grand Bahama, choose between the Treasure Bay at Our Lucaya or the Bahamia.

Bahama Night – Dance Away

The four hotels offer all the amenities you’d expect, and the 24/7 support will make sure you’re entertained. In the James Bond movie Thunderball was shot at Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The Paradise Island’s Cabaret Theatre is known as one of the most popular places for seeing amazing entertainers of the most extravagant type. For those who like an evening of supper-theatre you can eat in nearby eateries like Mosaic, Bahamian Club, Casa D’Angelo and Atlas Grill & Bar.

If you’d rather throw shapes instead of chips, then the cabaret and dinner might be a great way to get ready for an evening of partying at the Bahamas. There are a variety of clubs to pick from. On Providence Aura, a renowned club Bambubambu is a venue that plays music from pop to R&B Euro house and pop every evening. Aura is without doubt one of the most chic venues. The club’s 9,000 square feet was created by the club’s architect Jeffrey Beers. To experience the latest trends fashions, visit Space where all employees wear space suits. It sounds crazy but it’s true great entertainment as well! In Grand Bahama, check out Prop Club at Lucaya.

The club is popular with singles. This contemporary bar showcases local talent and DJs in-house who spin dance and disco music each night starting at 10pm. Its Margaritaville Sand Bar provides a hip alternative. At its most popular times, the former sand shack that was close to the beach could be full of a Caribbean feel all night. If you’re seeking a pub-like experience that has live sport on TV screens, look to an Guinness at Shenanigans that recreates the traditional Dublin scene that is located in the Caribbean.

The Bahamas has everything for everyone. And the best part is that, no matter where you go, the beach is always from your doorstep. With this kind of nightlife it’s clear how the Bahamas are a popular destination for night-owls and beach lovers too!

Bahamas The paradise island

There are over 700 island and 2.300 cays (small islands made of coral or sand) spread across large areas of the Atlantic that extends starting from the southernmost tip of Florida all the way to the Caribbean. Be aware that the Bahamas are not an integral part of the Caribbean but both culturally and politically, it’s like the rest of them. The Bahamas that has been featured in brochures of the international tourism offices is the paradise island and busy New Providence, where the capital city of Nassau as well as Grand Bahama are located.

Turquoise waters and golden beach water sports, thanks to the tranquil waters, the vast underwater richness and national parks, all accompanied by the relaxed lifestyle. It offers a bit of British character (colony of Britain from 1973 to the present). The primary draw is the sun diving, scuba diving and cocktails with Rum. This is the entire Hollywood area, which is only a few miles from Florida. It is also the most popular destination for cruise ships in 2010 when it was renamed The port of Nassau to catch here , and a huge cruise practical, as a number of key tourist attractions are within easy reach to the ports.

The vast array of accommodation options usually luxury resorts with establishments which require maps to access them All inclusive resorts boutique hotels, lodges , and cottages that cater to all preferences and desires of all budget. But, the Bahamas tourism industry is showing signs of wear and tear: hefty costs, unresponsive service and the over-tourism Nassau shadow of the former unrestrained self. Better to stay clear of the obvious and go at those on the Out Islands, which were the least remote islands as they’re more authentic and live an easy lifestyle and do not have the basic infrastructure. One event you need to be experienced is the vibrant festival or carnival Junkanoo that occurs during in the weeks in between the Christmas season and New Years and is a time when locals commemorate their African ancestral roots.

While good weather can last for almost all year long, the peak season runs from December through April. The winter months are similar to spring with temperatures ranging from 24 degrees. The hurricane season officially runs between June and November, however, there’s no need to be worried because extreme weather warnings inform you when it is the right time. Generally , showers appear all through the year, however rains typically occur in the months between June and October.

Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas

We visit the Bahamas and the islands of the super-rich ones with the money to purchase an island worth 85 million dollars, yet that are so large and diverse that they can be kept intact naturally, like Exuma’s islands. Exuma.

We are located in the Bahamas located in the Bahamas, on the island known as Little San Salvador, also called Half Moon Cay, one of the many islands within the Atlantic archipelago (between us, they’re Eleuthera and Cat). Eleuthera as well as Cat) is one of the numerous islands that was sold to an individual (“only” $6 million). The uniqueness of this island lies with the proprietor, Holland America Line, the cruise line, that was evidently utilized as an “stop” for an excursion for passengers.

What activities can you enjoy on the island aside from swimming and sunbathing? There are many things that are all suggested by Holland Scuba diving horse riding, water skiing or cycling and snorkeling deep sea fishing parasailing or boating. Also, a variety of sports that include sailing, windsurfing, sunfish, hobiecat kayaking and beach volleyball to fitness. Also, you will not have any issues with your dinner because at the end of the day, you’ll be back on the boat.