Support Services

Kim M.
Kim reached out to Cascadia as her and her husband were planning an extended trip and wanted their wedding VHS tapes converted. We were able to transition the tapes into digital videos that we emailed to them to enjoy on their trip across the United States.
Matt V. T.
Ron B.
Ron contacted Cascadia to help with converting over 60 cassette tapes to digital. These videos held a high emotional value and it was critical that they were treated with care as they were a couple decades old. Cascadia was able to successfully convert all of the tapes into digital videos that he now can access on his computer at anytime.

Web Services

Judy T.
Judy manages a local city’s chamber of commerce and she is a published author. We had the pleasure of working with such an influential, powerhouse of a person. We built her a website for her various published materials and books to help her reach a broader audience.

Recently we have taken on new technical troubleshooting tasks to help make her life a little bit easier.

Oregon Solar
Back when Joshua was in high school, one of the extracurricular activities that he participated in was an after school program called the Oregon Solar Car Team (now called Oregon Solar).

This awesome program was ran by high school students and they built solar powered vehicles and raced them against other schools across the country down in Texas.

Thankfully we had the opportunity to develop their new website, which you can see the concept website at the link below.

Ron G.
We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ron G. multiple times on a variety of services. Primarily helping him with a couple different website projects that he personally developed and manages.

To help better manage his email, we have helped him setup a custom email account that is integrated into his website’s functionality.

We’ve also been there when he’s needed some help with his computer. No matter the problem, we’ll find a solution.