Is Eleuthera safe? What to Know About Traveling to Eleuthera

Due to the fact that multiple COVID-19 vaccines are currently being distributed, you may want to consider scheduling your next travel for 2021. During this difficult year, it’s something that most of us have been wondering about for months.

So, where should you go from here?

One possibility is the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Along with having a rustic, off-the-grid character, it is a relatively secure Caribbean island to visit for tourists. Because it isn’t a particularly developed area, you won’t find any large all-inclusive resorts here either.

This is an interesting environment, and it’s one in which you can make social distancing effective as well, so what should you know? And is Eleuthera safe to travel? Let’s check it out.

Is Eleuthera Safe?

First and foremost, when traveling to any other country, your safety should be your top priority.

Eleuthera is generally considered to be a safe destination. It moves at a leisurely pace, and aside from little crimes such as thefts, most visitors to the neighborhood report feeling extremely safe and confident while exploring the surroundings. Depending on where you stay in Eleuthera, you may spend a significant portion of your trip not even seeing any other people at all on the island.

The Beaches of Eleuthera

If you enjoy relaxing on gorgeous beaches, Eleuthera may be the ideal destination for your vacation. They boast some of the most beautiful white and pink sand beaches on the earth, and they are easily accessible.

The water is very clean, making it an excellent snorkeling location. Many people believe that Eleuthera is something of a traveler’s best kept secret. It’s only about 118 kilometers distant from Nassau, yet it feels like a world away. Returning to those magnificent beaches, there’s a good chance you’ll have them all to yourself this time.

Eleuthera is separated into three major geographical regions. There’s North Eleuthera, which has Spanish Wells and the high-end luxury Harbour Island, as well as the rest of the island. Also on Eleuthera lies Central Eleuthera, which is home to the Governor’s Harbour town.

Then there’s South Eleuthera, which is secluded and home to Rock Sound and beaches such as Lighthouse Beach.

French Leave, also known as Club Med Beach, is a beach in Governor’s Harbour that is popular with tourists. This beach features white sand and is conveniently accessible, which makes it a popular destination for tourists to visit. Lighthouse Beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country of the Bahamas. There’s also Rainbow Beach, which has shallow water and is an excellent choice for children and families.

How Do You Get To Eleuthera?

The peak season for the Bahamas is from December to April, so expect to pay extra during this time. Despite this, Eleuthera is more affordable than a lot of other vacation spots, even during that time of year.

Those who prefer to go outside of the busy season should plan their trip during the months of May to August. There are some excellent bargains to be had.

Because of hurricane season, you may wish to avoid traveling during the months of September and October. In any case, many tourist attractions close their doors during this period.

To get to Eleuthera, you can travel into Nassau and then take a short flight to the island. Eleuthera can also be reached by plane from major international airports. North Eleuthera International Airport and Governor’s Harbour Airport are the two airports on the island. In addition, Rock Sound International Airport is located nearby.

If you prefer to travel by boat, there are ferries that run from Nassau to Governor’s Harbour, although the journey can take anything from five to eight hours each way.

How to Get Around Eleuthera?

You should definitely consider renting a car while on Eleuthera. If you don’t, you’ll end up spending a fortune on a chauffeur.

There is only one major road in the area, which is known as the Meridian Highway, and there is rarely any traffic on it.

When hiring a car in Eleuthera, it is customary to just make arrangements with a local individual. They will transport your vehicle to the airport on your behalf.

Consider renting a 4×4 vehicle because many of the roads aren’t paved.