Why do I breathe better by the ocean?

One of the most questions our readers ask us is Why do I breathe better by the ocean? In fact, many people choose living near the ocean for a better, fresher environment. 90% of our readers vote for living in a sea city to enjoy fresh air. So, why we breathe better by the ocean? Is it some kind of magic. Let’s find out.

Why do I breathe better by the ocean?

You breathe better by the ocean because the beach always encourages physical activities to improve health, the salty air is much cleaner than normal and the sea can keep the temperature ideally to enjoy.

The beach encourages physical activity

It’s no surprise that living by the ocean has been found to encourage active lifestyles by providing a variety of athletic pastimes such as walking, jogging, swimming, surfing, volleyball, and so much more! You won’t even notice you’ve been exercising all day and providing your body an outlet to release tension when you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery and sea air. Maintaining an active lifestyle not only benefits physical health by strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility, but it can also enhance your mood and help you combat depression.

Being outside also exposes you to natural sunlight, which has numerous health benefits. The sun provides a decent dose of vitamin D, which can help battle depression as well as teach the cells in your stomach to absorb calcium and phosphorus – two nutrients that are necessary for keeping strong and healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis if you wear SPF protection.

Breathe in the salty air

For a long time, 18th century physicians prescribed visits to the seashore for their patients suffering from respiratory problems. They were probably onto something, it turns out! Sea air, which contains iodine, salt, and magnesium, promotes respiratory health and helps alleviate asthma symptoms, ease allergies and skin problems, and activate the immune system. It also appears to have a relaxing impact on the mucosal lining of the respiratory system, so if you have a health issue like sinusitis, you may benefit from living near the water.

The ocean keeps refreshing the air you breathe, and it can help you breathe much better as a result. Read this article to know Which city has the cleanest air in the world.

Sea water is soothing your skin

Although it does not taste pleasant, salt water can be quite soothing to the skin. Sea water contains a variety of minerals, including magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, iodine, and sulfur, many of which have therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin. Indeed, a 1999 study from the University of Freiburg in Germany discovered that combining sea water with UVB rays helps treat unpleasant skin conditions including dermatitis and psoriasis. Have you got sensitive or eczema-prone skin? Soaking in ocean water is a wonderful stress reliever.

Haven for mental health

You’ve probably noticed that living near the beach benefits both the body and the mind. Exercise, sunlight, and fresh air are all mood and mind stimulants. A study published in the journal Health & Place in October 2019 appears to support this notion, indicating that persons who lived closer to the coast had lower mental discomfort, which gradually reversed as you travelled inland. The researchers polled nearly 26,000 people to assess the mental health and well-being effects of living near the shore. According to the findings, persons who live less than 1km from the sea are 22% less likely to suffer mental health problems than those who live more than 50km away. This could be attributable to a variety of factors, but there is little doubt that simply looking out at the water is soothing. When you look out at the ocean, you may feel as if your worries have suddenly become inconsequential. This is due to the power of awe, which has been proved to have interesting psycho-emotional benefits.