Saint Michael and the Mont Saint Michel in Normandy – The Island Church in France

Mont Saint Michel is one of the highlights of every visit to Normandy. This is a rocky island that is an emblem of France and is situated within an enormous tidal bay that is the largest in Europe.

According to legend, it was Archangel Michael who advised the Bishop of Avranches the best location to construct the monastery. It was a earlier Romanesque French island chapel was dedicated in 708 before it became the home of a group of Benedictine monks, who guarded it until the time of the French Revolution.

The Island Church in France

Through the years, the island has become an fortress, so that during the Hundred Years of War it was the only area in northern France that did not fall into enemies’ hands, despite the fact that the English forced it to be under siege multiple times.

In 1966 , the abbey was returned in a symbolic way to the Benedictine order. Benedictines in celebration of the establishment of Mont Saint Michel. Mont Saint Michel.

Mont Saint Michel

The island is linked to the mainland via a causeway that is accessible even during high tide. After crossing the drawbridge along with the entrances to the city of medieval times, you begin into the Grand Rue, the main route leading to the abbey, where there are shops, museums and homes from the 15th and 16th century. Near the start of the route is the parish church which is a tiny structure from the fifteenth century , dedicated to Saint. Peter patron saint of fishermen.

In on the Grand Rue it is worth taking a moment to take in the views of the bay since climbing can be difficult particularly during summertime. The church on the main island located in France was constructed on the at the summit of the Island, and is frequented in all its forms.

Abbeys in Mont Saint Michel has been continually expanded and modernized in order to provide an entire picture of medieval architecture from the 11th through the sixteenth century. A massive golden statue depicting St. Michael slaying the dragon atops the top of the abbey’s roof, one of the three most prestigious sites of worship named after the archangel along as The European Sacra di San Michele in Val di Susa and the Sanctuary of St. Michael The Archangel located on Gargano.

Being able to watch the progression of tides that move around the island is a delight. The sea level makes waves of 14 feet, and the water flows swiftly. It is risky to go on your own into the bay because due to the presence of fastsand. Anyone who wants to experience the excitement of walking riding a horse at low tide are able to take part at one of the tours.

The mecca of tourism is home to over three million visitors every year including French or foreign. It is advised to arrive at the beginning of morning, or later in the afternoon, because it is crowded with tourists.

Mont Saint Michel is also widely regarded as a must-visit place to visit for any tour of Britain because of its closeness to the western region of France.