The Most Beautiful Beaches in Spille Albania

Spille Albania is gradually becoming one of the top tourism destinations across Europe. Within the Central region visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches, modern facilities, fantastic service, and staff that make you feel like a local.

Plazhi i Gjeneralit

Clean and safe beach It is located in a tranquil section of the city, with no urban noise. It is possible to jump into the water and take a dip or relax by admiring the beauty of nature’s landscape. A lot of tourists prefer to lounge by the beach and admire the view which can provide any person immediate relief. Plazhi i Gjeneralit also boasts of many amenities which will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable time. The bay is sand-colored and rock-like at the same moment, so no matter what you like is still a possibility to have a great time. There are a few of restaurants, bars, and cafes that serve high-quality Albanian food.

Spille Beach Albania

Few beaches can match the beauty calm, peace, and cool the tranquility and peace that Spille Albania Beach has to provide. In addition to the clear water and the pristine beaches that are a regular characteristic of Albanian beach resorts, the one gives you the opportunity to spend a relaxing time with your family , without any interruptions or disturbances. It is surrounded by trees as well as gardens that are regularly maintained by the administration. It’s a great place to be close to nature and be able to participate in many different things that add to your experience. Spille Albania Beach offers many facilities, such as showers that are free as well as affordable hotel accommodation bars, restaurants and cafes.

Kepi I Rodonit

During summer there are many beaches in central Albania will be crowded. Your next task is to locate some of these beaches that are hidden from view, in a part of the country. One of these places could be Kepi iRodonit, a beach that is just 80 minutes from Durres which is the second-largest cities in Albania. Kepi iRodonit offers a pure paradise that has a beach with sand with clean water and a the rocky cape. You can swim or join with others to explore the wide and long region. If you’re bored of the ocean You can go to the remains of a castle constructed during 1463. It was built by Albanian national hero Skanderbeg. It is worth noting that the best method to reach this location is to travel by car from the capital, bringing you to an idyllic destination that you’ll definitely find yourself in love with.

Velipoje Beach

From Tirana from Tirana, it will take about two hours to reach the beach, but once you’re there, realize it’s well worth the drive. Velipoje Beach is considered as one of the most well-known of the beaches within the Adrian Sea. If you happen to visit during summermonths, you’ll be able to join locals and participate in the many events that are held at and around the beach. There are contests for children in science, while adults can take part in beach football, volleyball as well as dancing music, entertainment, and dance.