Top 10 Best Beaches in Java

Java is an Indonesian island located in between Bali in the middle of Sumatra. It is a place with volcanoes and is the center of business in Indonesia. Business people too deserve to take a break every once in period of time. And what’s the best way to get away? A couple of days on the beach. These are some of the most breathtaking shores of Java.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Java

Batu Karas

It is known as a place to surf and swim in the western region of Java is BatuKaras beach. The beach has a multicolored sand beach that stretches across. Tourists and locals alike enjoy this stunning seascape whenever they are looking to swim, go for the beach for a stroll, or simply eat some seafood that is usually served fresh. This makes it the perfect location to go on your inexpensive surfboards to take an excursion.

Kukup Beach

The quiet Kemadang village lies the Kukup Beach. This beach is situated at the base of high cliffs that rise over the beautiful coast. A popular activities is swimming. If you’re bored and would like to experience the real beauty of the area, climb up to the top of the hills to enjoy the most stunning views of the blue water and the stretch of white powdered sand.

Pok Tunggal beach

Pok Tunggal beach is located in Yogyakarta which happens to be the ideal spot for those who want to go on holiday and look for peace while expressing their adventurous side. If you’re looking to keep your blood flowing take a hike up the hills which surround the beach. You will take in the stunning perspectives of the beaches, which is a stretch of white sands , and a sapphire waters. If you are a photographer be sure to take photos under the famous Duras Tree.

Parangtritis beach

In Yogayakarta Village is the ideal postcard beach in Parangtritis. Parangtritis is natural curvature of sand that is surrounded by huge hills as their background. It is home to Labuan which is a tradition that takes place in Indonesia. Listening to the sound of waves clapping is the perfect song to relieve any burden on your body.

Tambakrejo beach

Tambakrejo beach is situated near Blitar within East Java. This beach is surrounded stunning scenery, volcanic mountains and forests of rubber. The sunbathers can relax on the beautiful white sand beaches and enjoy the view as the day goes by. The gentle currents of the blue waters are serene, which makes it the perfect spot to take a dip.

Jolosutro beach

Nearby the town of Blitar is the stunning beach of Jolosutro situated in the town of Ringenrejo. Tourists who visit this beach participate in sports activities such as fishing, swimming and canoeing. The beaches with soft sand are very popular with sunbathers. The beach is awe-inspiring with its stunning ambiance and a vibrant landscape.

Sempu Island

Sempu Island Sempu Island also known as PulauSempu is located close to Malang. The attractive island is situated in the ocean and accessible via boat. The island is covered with the calming shades of blue seas and white sandy beaches. It is among the most popular beach resorts to spend vacations in Indonesia.

Pangandaran Beach

The ideal spot to view the setting sun in Indonesia is on the famous Pangandaran beach. This is a great spot to watch the sunset after having participated in many outdoor activities. It is among the most popular beaches in the country. The waters are clear and crystal clear, and Pangandaran Beach features an extra benefit, like a nearby cave that is frequented by tourists who come to the beach. According to some, this beach is among the most beautiful one in Java.

Karimunjawa Island

Karimunjawa is a tranquil location with numerous tiny islands, which are famous for its pristine white beaches. For visitors, the journey to this paradise island is quite a long journey. However, it is believed by those who visit that the journey is well-worth it. Karimunjawa has some of the most gorgeous beaches, surrounded by a gorgeous blue and green-turquoise sea. It is a paradise for marine life and is ideal for people eager to participate in some underwater activities. A few of the tranquil white sand beaches that are found in Karimunjawa Island. Karimunjawa Islands is Geleang Island Beach. This is a spot which offers excellent tourist amenities and is very affordable for tourists too.

Thousand Islands

The closest beach that is close to Jakarta is located Many people use it for a day trip to enjoy the sunshine and the sea. Thousand Islands Thousand Islands has lovely beaches and is an ideal spot to go underwater since it offers a variety of snorkeling and diving activities for tourists. It’s a great option for people looking for diversions. There’s also the Putri Barat Island Beach, which appears to be an isolated and private island. There are a total of 110 islands that are found on the Thousand Islands, but only 36 can be enjoyed and visited by tourists. These islands are ideal for people who want peace and beauty.