Molunat – Most southern tourist destination in Croatia

If, after visiting Dubrovnik to follow those footsteps set by the rulers from the Iron Throne you will need to have the desire to go for some sea further to the south. You will be able to get be in Molunat, which is in the middle of nothing and while you’ll feel comfortable close to that border to Montenegro. Let’s have a glance at the Molunat.

Molunat – Most southern tourist destination in Croatia

It’s known as Molunat the village which is responsible for access to a small extended peninsula that is decorated by two tiny islands (keeping the theme of TV and film, from there you can arrive within 25 minutes Herceg Novi, a Montenegro town that every year in August is the host of The Herceg Novi Film Festival). After a couple of miles to the south, the road is also possible to reach 516 Bay of Kotor (Kotor) which is a breathtaking fjord that forms part of the continental and is like a massive lake, with ships anchored.


Popular for its stunning sandy beaches, its pristine sea and pure breath, Molunat is an ideal spot for a relaxing family vacation. Windsurfers and divers, sailors and divers, and anglers will appreciate the stunning beauty of the sea’s open and the archipelago. Molunat is the owner of a store which sells fruits and vegetables as well as a post office. docks for boats, two coffee bars as well as a dive shop, the club of diving, and two restaurants.

Molunat was established as a refugee camp in the 15th century. It was an area of refuge for people suffering from plague as well as a quarantine area for ships that came from ports that were infected. There is a lack of exploration of Roman architectural styles in Molunat and the area is protected from its mainland with a barrier constructed by the inhabitants of Dubrovnik between 1468 and 1471 to provide an area to protect families in the event of danger. The interior surface was carved to the outside and split into land to accommodate homes of residents or occasionally veteran residents in the year 1471. In 1958 the wreckage of a ship along with weapons and other items were discovered within the Bay of Veliki Molunat. The remains are currently kept in the Dubrovnik Maritime Museum. It could have been one of the Russian ship that was lost in retreat prior to the arrival of the arrival of the French fleet arrived in 1803.

The area that lies to the west of Dubrovnik’s peripheral region Republic of Dubrovnik was often the victim by pirates. There’s still a tale of people who claim that pirates kidnapped four girls belonging to family members of Kisa, Ljubenko and Memed as they washed clothing in the puddle close to the village. Three girls were never ever discovered, however, the fourth girl was contacted and generously assisted the family.

In the Homeland War, Molunat was taken over with the JNA as well as Chetnik units. The site was destroyed almost entirely after being looted, then burned to the ground.

To enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this tiny town away from the bustle of the city, it is possible to stay at, for instance Camping Monika. Camping Monika, which also offers a restaurant that overlooks the ocean. It is located in Vila Peragic, this beachfront non-pretentious hotel provides double rooms during August, starting at 50 euros per night. It is also possible to choose Villa Marin, a 3 star hotel located just a few meters from the beach. It has apartments and studios with a balconies and sea views (cost approximately 60 euros for a night).

In the simplest terms, Molunat is the ideal location for a holiday at the beach. It is cheap and centered on relaxation. There is also good food and the opportunity to explore the city as well as parts of the coast that are off the beaten track that are extremely interesting.

Croatia is the tiniest Venetian gem of Trogir

Trogir is the heart of the ancient city of Trogir is located on a tiny island protecting a small arm of the sea. It also holds the remembrance of the history of splendour, grandeur and beauty- that of the Republic of Venice.

Within its slender wall of Croatian city, which covers only a few square kilometres, including a fresh overall clean and a long, narrow seas and new streets of the medieval age, it has packed with art and beauty. It is always protected by its residents and, more recently, by UNESCO. Medieval streets meander through beautiful Trogir with the restaurant and gift shop. The the views are stunning and can entice even the most solitary. The promenade is wide and stretches across the city, which culminates in the harbour, full of sailing vessels waiting to set sail for nearby islands. In addition, there is the stunning Venetian cathedral in St. Lovro, the town hall dating to the 15th century and it’s the Church of St. John the Baptist with its stunning intricately carved portal, as well as the Castle of Carmelengo.

It is recommended to go for a brief break of half an afternoon in the event that our aim is the close Sibenik (40 kilometers) A stroll through the clubs and streets in Trogir will make you feel feelings of joy, thanks for stopping and having been to.