What is the most popular beer in Barcelona?

Did you know that Europe’s oldest beer was discovered in the region of Barcelona? We have connected beer with Germans, especially the Irish, particularly for their famed Irish beer “Guiness.” Although the world’s oldest beer was discovered in Spain, more precisely in the region of Barcelona.

Europe’s oldest beer dates all the way back to nearly 5,000 years ago in a tiny agricultural village in what is now known as the Begues population in the province of Barcelona. Archaeologists from the University of Barcelona arrived at this conclusion after studying the bottom sediments of a fifty-litre ceramic jar discovered at the Can Sadurni site. Although beer will eventually be supplanted by wine imported by the Greeks and Phoenicians.

Even though it is a long distance from the date when the Egyptians are supposed to have developed beer: more than 9,000 years ago.

What is the most popular beer in Barcelona?

The craft beer movement exploded in Barcelona a few years ago, and the Catalan metropolis now boasts a slew of small batch and microbreweries. Whether you prefer hoppy IPAs or traditional lagers, here are some of the greatest beers to try in Barcelona.

Obligatory Double IPA by Edge Brewery

If you enjoy hoppy IPAs, Edge Brewery’s ‘Obligatory Double IPA’ is a must-try. With an IBU of 88, this is a rather bitter beer, and at 9.2% ABV, it delivers a punch. On the scent, a rush of tropical fruits gives way to a silky finish in the palate. This is a wine to savor.

Moreneta Blonde by BarnaBrew

BarnaBrew, another tiny brewery founded in Barcelona, just built a pub on Sant Antoni’s famed Parlament Boulevard. The Moreneta Blonde is a blonde beer in the Belgian style with aromas of orange blossom from Catalan honey. It won the 2014 Brussels Beer Challenge’s Gold Medal for Abbey/Trappist-style blonde beers.

Culture Trip by Garage Beer

With a name like that, there was no way we could resist the ‘Culture Trip’ beer from Garage Beer Co. This fruit sour beer in the Florida style is flavored with raspberries for a smooth, red fruit finish. With a low alcohol content of 3.5 percent, this is a light beer with a crisp, refreshing flavor.

Bogatell Blonde by Barcino Brewers

The ‘Bogatell Blonde’ – called after the beach near Poblenou – is an easy-drinking blonde ale prepared with wheat and a unique yeast from the south of Germany, where this style of beer is popular. With a 4.9 percent ABV, the beer is light and pleasant, leaving the cereals to speak for themselves.

1480 by Blacklab Brew Pub

Blacklab, one of the city’s original brew pubs, is located in the heart of Barcelona on the shore of the Marina Port Vell harbor. The 1480 is a malty American Pale Ale brewed with a moderate quantity of hops to balance the bitterness and richness. The ideal pairing for one of Blacklab’s world-famous burgers or BBQ ribs.

Sants by Homo Sibaris

Homo Sibaris is not your ordinary craft beer pub in Barcelona. Located in the off-the-beaten-path suburb of Sants, the pub attracts a predominantly local audience and was one of the first establishments in the city to serve craft beer. The Sants beer is a nod to their own neighborhood; it is an unfiltered bitter with a rich flavor.

Eixample Pils by Mikkeler

This Barcelona location of the Danish brewery Mikkeler features 24 taps pouring a variety of Mikkeler beers in addition to those from other small batch breweries. The Eixample Pils takes its name from Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood, which is home to the Mikkeler bar. A Pilsener in the Czech tradition with a crisp, flowery scent, this is a pleasant contemporary Pils.

Cerdos Voladores by Barcelona Beer Company

This tiny artisan brewery situated in Barcelona takes pleasure in producing high-quality beers inspired by the city. Cerdos Voladores, or ‘Flying Pigs,’ is a 6% ABV pale ale created using natural spring water from Catalonia’s Montseny natural park.

Estrella by Estrella Damm

Perhaps the most popular beer in Barcelona, the gold star of Estrella can be seen almost everywhere. Estrella Damm, Barcelona’s largest and most widely distributed lager, has been produced using the same formula since 1870. Although not the most intriguing of beers, if you’re going to taste one somewhere, it may as well be in Barcelona.

Moritz by Moritz

While Moritz is not a microbrewery, it is far less widely spread than Estrella Damm. Moritz’s traditional beer is a low-fermentation pilsner with notable hops, citrus notes, and a somewhat sweet finish. The Moritz facility in Sant Antoni is no longer in operation as a primary location for manufacturing but has become a popular spot to enjoy a drink and soak up some of the brewery vibe.